One of a kind pieces.

Meet the maker.

Hi, I’m Kait, the owner and creator behind Pollie & Res.

We are a jewellery and accessory brand based in QLD, Australia. Each piece is slowly hand made utilising high-quality products and tools to create individual pieces. With the intention of creating small batches of earrings & accessories, you can be assured your piece will be one of a kind.

My goal is to create not just accessories but something special that will make you shine, whilst celebrating the modern woman.

Kait's Quirks
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Newest kids on the chopping block.

A little piece of Pollie & Res.

Pollie being Polymer Clay and Res being Resin…

Sculpting polymer clay into artful designs is nothing short of therapy. Each piece contains love and personality, carefully and delicately crafted by hand. After a mindful bake of the carved clay, the application of resin elevates our creations, producing an their unique and glassy finish.

No two pieces are ever the same with Pollie & Res jewellery, and we like it like that.

Carve me a piece of that
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What the wearers are saying.

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